Get to Know A Rising Star Who Will Change The Entertainment Industry Forever, Napaht Na Nongkhai

Get to Know A Rising Star Who Will Change The Entertainment Industry Forever, Napaht Na Nongkhai

The singer and a writer of a song that was rated 10/10 on a music magazine in Germany less

than 5 days after the release.

“The talented singer from New York delivers a song that gets under your skin!” — Excess

Naphat Na Nongkhai (born May 2, 1999,) known professionally as Napaht Na Nongkhai, is a Thai actress, singer, dancer, performer, songwriter and activist.


Naphat Na Nongkhai

May 2, 1999 (age 22)

Nongkhai, Thailand


Pre-College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand (Freshman, High School)

Besant Hills School of Happy Valley, Ojai, California (Sophomore, High School)

Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, Michigan (Junior – Senior)

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (Conservatory Program)


Film Actress, Theatre Performer, Singer-Songwriter

Active year:

2015 – present

Musical career:


Soul / R&B / Popular



Social Media:







She played a lead role in the original cast of a thai musical Evil Queen the musical in 2015.

Napaht was the youngest cast member as she was only sixteen years old, and she was only

fifteen when she auditioned and got the role. Despite being young, and it was her first

professional musical, she played the lead role of the oldest daughter of a witch, Anna.

Napaht is her own songwriter of the debut single as Arya Rita, Her Song (2020) and An Old

Butterfly (2021).

Early life:

Napaht grew up competing in singing competitions, training in classical instruments, and she

played flute in a marching band as the youngest player when she was 9 years old. Even though

she is a dancer, growing up she was told that she was not allowed to dance because she was

not skinny enough. When she was seventeen, she danced at Millenium Dance Complex in Los

Angeles, California and proved everyone wrong. With what she was told her entire life, it has

become her passion to fight for new healthy and diverse beauty standards.

Acting Career:

Napaht is a talented artist who is skilled in acting for film and theatre. Because of her

extraordinary gift in singing, she is mostly seen in musical theatres than plays. As well as acting

and performing, she also has written and composed a soul/R&B musical about school shooting,

bullying, mental illness and suicides when she was only eighteen years old card ‘Borghildr.’

– Evil Queen (2015) – Original Cast, Musical – Thailand – Anna

– Kenzoku (2017) – Musical – MI – Number 4 and a songwriter

– Borghildr (2018) – Musical – MI – Borghildr and the writer / composer

– Kicked Out (2020) – Film – NYC – Angie

– Toe (2021) – Film – NYC – Elise


– Her Song (2020)

– An Old Butterfly (2021)


Even though Naphat’s debut single ‘Her Song’ had a huge feedback being on many radio

stations in the United States and Sweden, and was in the chart as Top 6 on a popular radio

station in Chicago like ‘Hits You Love’, when we speak of her success, we can’t miss talking

about her latest single ‘An Old Butterfly.’ ‘An Old Butterfly’ has 27K streams on Spotify, 51K on

SoundCloud, 12K on YouTube. It has been rising its own attention on many music blogs and the

world’s huge radio stations like iHeartradio and Radio New York Live. It also has been on

international music review magazines including ‘Excess Magazine’ in Germany where it

received 10 OUT OF 10 reviews for her beautifully radiant vocals and the heart-breaking lyrics

and music. This song also gave her a huge success at the ‘I Dream A DreAm in Wonderland’

virtual concert where all of the tickets were sold out in a blink of an eye. The song has been

making impacts against racial hate crimes as Napaht also consistently spreads the news and

awareness about Asian Hate Crimes.

News on the artist:

The artist hasn’t yet given updates on her new launch or any upcoming projects, but she has

been announced as a winner of February 2021 on The Fashion Hero Instagram, a world tv

series hosted by a top star legend like Melanie B from Spice Girls that focuses on embracing

and bringing new beauty standards to the world. That sure sounds like something Napaht Na

Nongkhai would be doing. As much as we know, she is in the final casting of the show, and we

pretty much would love to see her on the show doing what she does best


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