From The Heart Of Everton’s’ Badge To The Grand Old Lady

(Image courtesy of Epstein Theatre)

This incredible story of Everton football clubs’ history is intertwined with the rich heritage of the city, served up with a mix of characters including a colourful Prince Rupert, battling Bessie Braddock, a soulful Irish immigrant- Maggie Magee, and of course the great William Ralph ‘Dixie’ Dean. The cast complimented each other throughout, bringing the show to life. It oozes with personality, strength, witt, passion, humour, pathos and belief that is embedded in the citys’ psyche. A particular highlight performance was that of Maggie Magee, played by Aimee Mannell. The young actress enchanted us with her rendition of ‘Sweet Maggie’, holding the audience in the palm of her hand.

The show closed with a raucous finale of the infamous ‘Z-Cars’ and perhaps as we look to Everton’s’ future at Bramley Moore, these famous ghosts of the past will come together again in celebration of the past and a glorious future.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, nothing but the best is good enough and this performance was nothing short of a winner.

By Dominique Daly


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